Install AIRShip (via portal login page)

[If you, or the organisation with which you are associated, want to register to use AIRShip, please refer to this page.]

The video above and information below provides an overview of the installation process via an AIRShip portal's login page. More detailed installation information for different operating systems - and 'headless' systems - is available here.

When you browse to the home page of an AIRShip portal, it checks if an AIRShip Shipping Agent is installed and running on your computer. If it does not find one, a prompt will be displayed.

If you do not have a Shipping Agent installed, you will be asked if you wish to install one. You will be led through the process of downloading and installing the Shipping Agent software, and configuring it to manage a Location in the portal.

You will need a Location Token to configure a Location via this process.

If you have not been provided with a Location Token, please contact someone acting as a Company Administrator for your organisation in the portal.

Turning off the installation prompts

You can turn off these prompts if you do not wish to use that computer for the shipping or synchronisation of data (you can still subsequently install and configure a Shipping Agent - simply turn the prompts back on when required).

To turn the prompts off/on, click on the red/green icons as shown:


The display of prompts is controlled by cookies, stored by your browser. You can manage these cookie settings by clicking on the Manage Cookies link in the bottom right-hand corner of any of the pages of the AIRShip portal concerned (if you access multiple AIRShip portals, each of these has cookie settings):


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