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NOTE - you only need to register if you are setting up a new organisation to use AIRShip, not to be a User in an existing organisation. If your organisation is already using AIRShip, then one or more people will have Company Administrator level access and they can set you up as a User.

You can register your Company/Organisation to use the AIRShip public portal via its login page. We explain this process below (you may or may not be able to register to use an AIRShip private portal, dependent on settings chosen by the client who commissioned it).

Note that if you do not have a Shipping Agent installed and running you will have to cancel the prompts to install/configure one, so that you can access the Register now button, described in the instructions below (you can read more about these prompts here).

The steps to register in our public portal are:

  1. Go to;
  2. Click on the Register now button below the login section;
  3. Enter your details and click on Save changes;
  4. This creates a new Company in the portal, and makes you a Company Administrator, with permissions at that level;
  5. You can now login in and use AIRShip, including registering Users, creating Locations, and generating Location Tokens (which allow you to configure Shipping Agents to manage those Locations).

We recommend reading other resources in the Start here section of this Support Centre. There are also links to appropriate Support Centre help pages on every page of an AIRShip portal; simply click on the "Help" button, or function key F1.

Already registered and want your own Company?

If you are already registered in the AIRShip public portal with another Company, and you now want to set up your own Company, either:

  1. You will need to use a different email address for your user name, OR
  2. Contact us to request that we set up a new Company and move you into it;
  3. You can then create Relationships with the Company with whom you were originally registered, and share Users, Locations etc, as required.


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