Making the switch from AIRShip v2.2 to v2.3

The main difference you will notice is that Shipments and AIRLinks have both now been replaced by Workflows. We explain more about these differences in the video above, and in the notes below.

In AIRShip v2.2 you will have used a Shipment to send files from A to B.

However, in AIRship v2.3, you will use a Workflow, as follows:

  1. Click on the “Workflows” tab (instead of the “Shipments” tab);
  2. Click on “Create Workflow” (instead of the “Create Shipment” tab);
  3. Select your Project (this is the same first step as for creating Shipments);
  4. Select Ship or Synchronise (this is how we have unified Shipments and AIRLink into one interface);
  5. Select a template - probably “Ship files” initially, since this is equivalent to a Shipment (the templates listed are all generic, but Companies can create custom templates to manage more complex workflows, if required);
  6. Give your Workflow a name (at least four characters long);
  7. Click on “OK”;
  8. You now need to configure your Workflow Tasks, which will consist of two Tasks if you selected the “Ship files” template:
    • Prepare source - click on the edit icon in the top-right of the Task box, select what you wish to ship, then click “OK”;
    • Ship - click on the edit icon in the top-right of the Task box, select destination Locations, then click “OK”.
  9. Once you have configured all Workflow Tasks (green ticks will appear below each edit icon when they have been), click on “Submit workflow”.

To review the Workflow you have submitted, click on its ID in List All Workflows. To view detailed information for a Task, click on its magnifying glass icon (for example, the detailed information for a Ship Task displays the Locations involved in shipping, and the progress of shipping).

Workflow notification emails are similar to those sent for Shipments. However, there is the option to have notification emails sent for each Workflow Task completed, as well as for the completion of the entire Workflow.

Workflows can do much, much more than simply ship files from A to B. We are currently uploading new support materials to our Support Centre, at, which will provide more information. In the meantime, the guidance above will help you make the transition from Shipments to Workflows for your immediate needs.


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